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Your business is in safe keeping

A successful business is not only an interesting idea and the ability to implement it, but also the ability to competently deal with all issues related to tax legislation. MARX Company takes on the responsibility of competently managing your accounting records.


Comprehensive accounting services
are as follows

  • Payroll calculation;

  • Processing of incoming/ outgoing documents;

  • Preparation of advance reports;

  • Generating and submission of all necessary reports to the Tax Service (VAT, Social Tax, Income Tax);

  • Processing of the documents for cash sales (cash desk);

  • Accounting for fixed assets;

  • Preparation of waybills;

  • Generating and submission of annual report for operating and dormant companies.


We represent our clients before the Tax Service and other state institutions. We provide consultations on issues related to tax optimisation and labour relations, as well as help to draw up various types of contracts and agreements.

biznesa novertējums

Upon request, our specialists can do the following:

  • Promptly restore accounting records;

  • Organise and conduct an internal audit of the company;

  • Conduct a pre-sale evaluation of business value;

  • Prepare an accounting methodology or internal control system methodology (ICS).


More than 100 companies have already chosen MARX

Our clients are small, medium, large businesses, public organisations, as well as private entrepreneurs and self-employed persons.

We have experience in servicing companies in almost all areas, for example: construction, wholesale trade, e-commerce (OSS), IT services, logistics, property management, medical practice, event management, holding companies.

MARX Company guarantees its clients prompt and high-quality business support


Why do many companies outsource their accounting?

PVN deklarācija

Civil liability
is insured

Firstly, accounting outsourcing is reliable. MARX is a licensed accounting company, our civil liability is insured. This means that if our employees make an error in your reporting, you are insured against paying fines and penalties. We know the price of errors, so we try not to make them.

открыть компанию в Латвии

The most versatile specialists

Secondly, accountants of outsourcing companies are the most versatile specialists. We know the nuances of all types of business, we can answer any questions on taxation and labour law, we will warn you about the risks and offer options for managing them. 
MARX is a member of the Association of Accountants of the Republic of Latvia and is also a member of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Saving your

And finally, hiring an outsourced accountant is profitable! If you choose outsourcing, you save on taxes, workplace rent, software rent, etc., which helps you optimise your costs and increase your profits.


Submit your application in order to find out the cost of service for your company



Most frequently asked questions

How much does the monthly accounting service cost?

The cost of accounting services is standardised and depends on the document flow of the client's company. Contact us and we will send you a commercial offer prepared for your company.

Can we only co-operate remotely?

Today, almost all documents can be generated and submitted electronically/ online, so we save our clients' time and encourage working with electronic documents. Our specialists are available via email / phone / various messengers and are ready to provide expert support in any issue of the client. 

What program is used for accounting?

Our accountants work in the 1C program: Accounting 8 for Latvia.

What is needed to conclude a contract?

To conclude a contract, we need the registration data of the company and input information from you on the number of employees, incoming/ outgoing documents, the presence of a cash desk, vehicles. Contact us and we will send you a short list of questions. Based on your answers, we will generate a commercial offer for you, after which we will be able to conclude a contract.

What languages are you working in?

We communicate with clients in Latvian, Russian and English.

Can you prepare and/or make payments at the bank?

There is such an option via special arrangement. An accountant can be connected to a bank account by power of attorney from the owner of the company.

Who submits reports to the EDS?

Our accountants have access to the EDS of your companies under a power of attorney granted by you. Thus, we can work autonomously and submit all reports by ourselves. 
If necessary, this power of attorney can be revoked, or certain rights can be restricted.

What happens if the accountant makes an error?

We are responsible for our work: in case our accountant makes an error, you will not pay a fine out of your pocket. Our civil liability is insured for EUR 50,000.

Who responds to letters from the Tax Office and other authorities?

We prepare responses to various types of requests from governmental authorities (Tax Office, Migration Department, Social Department etc.)


SIA "Marx"

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VAT No LV40003729697

Legal address: Rītupes iela 30 - 5, Rīga, LV-1019

Office: Elijas iela 26 - 6, Rīga, LV-1050

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